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Code: 2620
Wall/floor recessed lighting fitting flush with the surface designed for white one-colour LED light sources with safety low voltage (insulation Class III) for the production of signalling light.The square body is 60x60 mm. It is made of high-resistance thermoplastic material with extraclear sodium-line surface glass with no visible screws. The stainless-steel lower ring is fixed to the diffusing glass. The whole assembly is supported by four AISI304 stainless-steel turned fixing elements. The fitting is fixed to the outer casing by means of special retention springs for anchoring purposes. A stainless-steel top collar flush with the surface is fixed to the outer casing.In order to wire the product an M14x1 A2-stainless-steel cable and an outgoing power-supply cord (L = 300 mm) type H05RNF 2x1 mm2 are used. The cable is equipped with an anti-transpiration device (IP67 Patented) made up of a resin-coated gasket located along the power-supply cord.Two different types of outer casings are available for installation. They can be ordered separately from the optical assembly and come complete with closing plug. You can choose between a diecast-aluminium barrel-shaped outer casing for wall/floor installation and a plastic cylindrical outer casing for wall/floor installation. Easy installation and perfect flush application are ensured by two different types of adapters made of polypropylene thermoplastic material for barrel-shaped or cylindrical outer casings respectively.The fitting permits creating preset light scenes by means of the control device Effect Equalizer.The unit made up of glass, optical assembly and outer casing ensures resistance to 500-kg static load with protection degree IP68 IK08.Maximum glass surface temperature is lower than 40°C.
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Order code2620
Designer nameJean Michel Wilmotte
InstallationThe product is fixed to the outer casing by special locking springs and is pulled out by means of a suction cup without any other tools. The fitting can be easily inspected and it makes the replacement of the LED circuit or the introduction of accessories possible. It can be recessed into the wall or floor by an installation outer casing.
WiringAvailable ballasts: traditional, for DIN bar (1-10W, 20-30W, 60-120W), water-tight resin-coated. To be ordered separately.The product comes complete with an outgoing power-supply cord (L = 300 mm) H05RNF 2x1 mm2 type and an electronic plate with LED 24V DC.
NotesFitting complete with lamp. Green and amber colours available upon request.
Place of useIndoor, Outdoor