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Action (38)Albero (4)Anello (2)Anyway (3)Archilede (12)Argo (25)Art (2)AU (2)Base Lighting (8)Berlino (16)Bespoke (48)Binario Controsoffitti (8)Binario Standard (8)Bliz (1)Brando (1)Central 41 (7)Central 42 (7)Cerchio (6)Cestello (77)CityWoody (2)Colour Quick (1)Comfort (10)Crown (25)Cup (6)Deep Frame (65)Deep Laser (124)Deep Minimal (65)Deep Surface (7)Delphi (38)Elle (2)Ellipse (23)Express (29)Flaminia (15)Frame (86)Frame Woody (34)Front Light (68)Full (15)Galaxy (2)Galaxy T16 (6)Gem (2)Glim Cube (33)Greenwich (4)Groo (1)iDuo (22)iFace (26)iLyra (2)iN30 iN60 iN90 (158)iPlan (77)iPoint (7)iPro (94)iRoad (12)iRoll (120)iRoll65 da palo (8)iRound (17)iSign (21)iTeka (32)iWay (46)Kriss (10)La Venaria (2)Laser (23)Laser Blade (98)Lavinia (29)Le Perroquet (28)Led Tube (16)Ledplus (41)Ledstrip (19)Lens (12)Light Air (19)Light Equalizer (1)Light Up (82)Lightshine (16)Linealuce (185)Linealuce Compact (35)Lineup (69)Lingotto (8)LMS Quick (1)Lumen (13)Lun Up (6)Lux (34)Magnalux (1)Master Pro (81)Maxi Woody (63)Mini Light Air (20)Mini Limelight (4)Mini Reglette T16 (16)Minimal (40)Miniwoody (13)Motus (23)MultiWoody (27)OFX (1)Palco (114)Parallel (8)Pinhole (6)Pixel (2)Pixel Plus (33)Pixel Pro (194)Pixy (5)PizzaKobra (1)Plafoniere (20)Platea (30)Primopiano (44)Q-Ring (2)Radial (9)Radius (2)Reflex Easy (121)Rib (8)Sistema Comfort (21)Sistema Easy (49)Sivra Compact (4)Street (5)Sydecar (35)Tecnica (81)Tee (5)The reflex (56)The reflex professional (122)Tilt (10)Tray (5)Trick (12)Trimmer (4)Typha (6)U.F.O (18)Underscore (14)Vis (7)Vision (6)Walky (4)Wide (15)Wide plus (44)Woody (22)Wow (66)X26 (20)Y Light (10)Zeta-C (2)Zoom (4)Zyl (6)
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35 Product Lines with 5642 Products
Mains voltage spotlights and tracks
Low voltage spotlights and tracks
Modular sectional systems
Systems and pendants
Multi-optical assembly luminaires
Recessed luminaires
Wall/floor recessed luminaires
Ceiling-mounted luminaires
Ceilling/wall-mounted luminaires
Wall-mounted luminaires
Specific lighting effect luminaires
Table/floor lamps
Direct lighting systems for urban areas
Lighting projectors systems for urban areas
Wall systems for urban areas
Bollards for residential/public areas
Ceiling-mounted fittings
Ceiling-recessed luminaires
Wall/ceiling-recessed luminaires
Ground/floor-recessed luminaires
Wall/ceiling-mounted fittings
Wall mounted fittings
Wall-mounted luminaires for luminous effects
In-ground spike fittings
Open Systems
Preconfigured Systems
Direct lighting systems for urban areas
Professional pendant luminaires
Direct and indirect lighting systems for urban areas
Table/floor lamps